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All Colleagues Are Invited To Works Of Group For The Prevention Of Torture

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All Colleagues Are Invited To Works Of Group For The Prevention Of Torture

11:40 . 10 Nisan 2019

The struggle starts with belief and continues with endeavor. On 10th of December 2001, anniversary of adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Group for the Prevention of Torture was established by Izmir Bar. The Group, by the effort of hundreds of lawyers within its body, had managed many outstanding achievements in the scope of prevention and investigation of the torture. Reporting the torture, training lawyers and public officer, and following disciplinary and forensic investigation for punishment of torture cases were the main focus areas of the Group until its unfortunate closure in 2004. The number of torture incidents had considerably decreased due to the works of the Group in these years.


We are happy to announce the decision of Board of Izmir Bar on reestablishment of Group for the Prevention of Torture. By being aware of the legacy of achievements of the Group in the past, we, once again, declare:


  • Torture is a crime against humanity,
  • Torture is a mean of oppression not only for individuals but also communities,
  • A torture incident shall not be labeled as “an isolated event”, it will be tolerated unless it is exposed,
  • Our strength comes from our unity against torture.

As the members of Izmir Bar, as of today, we declare that we will press ahead the struggle for the elimination of torture in our city and all over the country.


All colleagues are invited to the assemblies of the Group held in the Headquarter of Izmir Bar every Monday at 06.00 pm.