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The Human Rights Center is the principal institution of the Izmir Bar Association in the field of human rights. Izmir Bar deals with the human rights issues in more than ten different subjects including asylum, rights of the child, women, rights of the disabled persons, LGBTI+, environment, labour, health and so on. Human Rights Center was established on 1994 and reorganised as a center one year later. The Center can be described as the main organ of the Izmir Bar Association for its activities in the human rights law. The Human Rights Center has a dual role which are educational and practical. The Center aims to improve the legal knowledge of the lawyers and common citizens at the same time. It also takes individual applications from the public and pursue the lawsuits on behalf of these people and Izmir Bar as well. Human rights campaigns, monitoring and reporting, seminars, ordinary trainings, conferences and publishing are the main methods of the Center to reach its aim for a fully democratic society.