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About Us

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Izmir Bar Association is established in 1908. With more than 7500 members, İzmir Bar Association is the third biggest bar in Turkey and comprises varied committees in order to fulfil the Bar’s social responsibilities, also to provide the necessary assistance to those in need within the Bar’s  institutional structure.


Since the day it was established, Izmir Bar Association has been an unyielding defender of law, democracy and human rights.


Our Association, as the biggest Bar Association of the Aegean Region, has been working with all efforts in order to find solutions to social issues and minimize the disadvantages caused by the same issues.


The Bar has procured rights of the people in need and maintained the best possible solutions to the social and legal issues through 6 committees structured within our Association with the participation our lawyer colleagues. Our committees have been consistently contributing to the society and the legal system c.


Furthermore, Izmir Bar Association currently consists of 23 commissions which are enabling lawyers to work on significant and specific matters. As a dynamic and constantly growing association, our Bar has also been establishing more and more commissions in order to keep up with the continually changing social and legal world. Izmir Bar Association, through its commissions, has organised many events, gained success in  various areas of law as well as social matters and has been raising awareness towards important social issues.


With reference to the famous quote “verba volant scripta manent”, our Association has been publishing both books and periodical publications. Izmir Bar Association Magazine, which is published once every three months, is celebrating its 77th birthday this year. Also the Izmir Bar Association Bulletin, which is published in every two months, has been reaching fellow lawyers continuously for 22 years. All our publications can be found online.


With a history longer than 100 years, Izmir Bar Association, has been and will be working diligently to fulfil the needs of lawyers, support the legal system and human rights, protecting the ethic approach, dignity and order of our profession.